Dermaceutical – a reliable partner for your cosmetic institute.

For 20 years we have continuously developed and produced active ingredient complexes with highly dosed contents for our holistic Beauty Program by paying close attention to our quality standards.
We categorically steer clear of ingredients that could damage your skin. Due to our “Dermaceutical” standards, our products with their highly dosed contents, have a different effect than regular cosmetic products.

• They do not only improve the skin surface but have a deeper effect.
• Our ingredients are highly concentrated.
• Treatment results are instantly visible at the institute.
• Products provide long-lasting and sustainable results.
• Our active ingredients are documented and backed up by scientific studies.

Our Philosophy

The effectiveness of our products is primarily based on the high application concentrations of our active ingredients. This means that we deliberately refrain from including the following ingredients in our products:

• parabens
• paraffins
• mineral oils
• colourants
• silicones
• allergenic fragrances
• animal ingredients

Your benefits at a glance

• Made in Germany – here on our premises
• No minimum order quantities
• Substantial discounts and special conditions
• Fast delivery
• Advertising support
• Excellent seminars