Sun Protection LSF 30 is a high quality Anti-Aging Sun Cream for face or body.

Es hat biotechnologische Schutzwirkung und schützt vor UVA / UVB Strahlung.
Bei korrekter Anwendung und im richtigen Umgang mit der Sonne bewahrt es die Haut gezielt vor Sonnenschäden.

This preparation contains the following primary active ingredients:

Venuceane® is an active ingredient with a biotechnological protective effect. In this way your skin is specifically protected from sun damage.

Allantoin, Urea, Panthenol, high UVA /UVB protection.

Please apply the product onto the required skin areas and rub in thoroughly. Due to their built-in filters, sun protection products always have a slightly blunt cream base and are not so easy to spread onto the skin as a common protective care cream. Therefore, please apply the product again if need be.