In the nineties Dermaceutical developed concepts and product designs for several well-known cosmetics companies. Over the years and as we gained more experience in the cosmetics sector, we steadily developed the wish to create our own brand.

In 2003, the company was founded. Dermaceutical stands for a combination of Skin Care & Anti-Aging at the topmost quality level. We developed our first hyaluronic acid serums with high application concentrations.

The development of our formulations was always exclusively based on our own ideas even though production was not included in the business from the very beginning. This step followed in 2010 for this is when our own in-house production facilities emerged and the laboratory for the development of new products.

Our product range is constantly growing, today we provide system skin care products for all skin demands in all the required categories to meet any budget.

Dermaceutical® Office Aachen